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LS linkus Korean Best-in-Class agricultural machinery with the global customers.

"LS Mtron & Komachine LS Link US" 

LS Mtron, No. 1 in Korea, established in 1962 and spun off from LG Machinery in 2003 and has grown steadily over the years by running operations with its experience in the manufacturing industry in Korea, China, USA, and Brazil. In the meantime, LS Mtron exports its products to more than 50 countries in the world.

Based on the success cases, LS Mtron is intensively fostering LS LinkUS also known as LS Global Partnership Program “LS GBPP”.

LS LinkUS now represent and export a very wide range of products including agricultural products processing machinery, transplanting and seeding machinery, livestock machinery, forest machinery, farming equipment, tillage, land preparation, and farming machinery with Komachine.

Currently, our consortium has been indicated by the Korea Association of Machinery Industry and the Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership to enhance the export of Korean Agricultural Machinery. Last year, the sales performance by connecting Korean machinery to Global Customers reached to approximately 35mil USD only in 2018 and this year`s target is 40milUSD in2019

LS Link US 

1. Online: Transaction online marketing 24/7, 4 languages

2. Offline Marketing: Global agricultural exposition  (USA.CHINA.BRAZIL.EU), More than 2,000 global dealerships of LS Mtron`s sales  infrastructure. 

Provider of the total solution for government`s tender. 
Develop a modern, comfortable and effective online machinery 
solution platform exclusively with Komachine.  

Provide the easiest, fastest and widest set of marketing of Made  in Korea agricultural machinery products. 

Develop and maintain sound and healthy customer services whose  customers are able to enjoy pleasantly and achieve mutual  success. 



Until the late 1960’s, the Korean economy per capita GNP at that time was 85 dollars. The majority of Korean people did not have enough to eat their daily meals. Korea couldn’t expect any progress of the nation.

The national resources were not abundant and the government couldn’t take the responsibility of supporting rural communities.
The only possible breakthrough was to increase the productivity of the agricultural sector and to strengthen the manufacturing infrastructure.

Thus, the government proposed agricultural mechanization in rural communities to provide agricultural machinery.

Korea has achieved successful farm mechanization over the past 45 years. The mechanization for rice production is almost complete (99%) and that for horticulture and livestock is well underway. The agricultural machinery industry has been contributed by Korean manufacturing infrastructure based on the high-end technology from such as global giant Automobile (KIA), Heavy-Industry (Hyundai), Smartphones (Samsung), Electronics (LG), Agricultural Machinery (LS).

In this regard, it is time for Korean Agriculture to look beyond its territory and to advance globally.

Do you imagine machinery making possible the impossible?
You will meet this by LS LinkUS. Including the advanced technology, own experience of agriculture mechanization, and reliable partnership, we provide you with the total solution..