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Industry in Korea.

Komachine is your first and the last online marketing channel in Korea and Asia.

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June, 2023

Why Marketing with Komachine?

Because we are #1 Online Marketing Channel and Trading Platform in Asia.


Launching an advertising campaign both in Korean and Asian Market takes a max of 24 hours.


Experience the most effective and successful online marketing channel in Korea and Asia.


20 Years of Experience and Knowhow in Machine Industry Online Platform, #1 in Korea and Asia means incomparable.


Compare pricing with other marketing channels. We are so much better and effective both in marketing and transactions.


Komachine is always the best choice for Industrial Online Marketing in Korea and Asia.
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* The price is to target Korean market only, additional 50% will be added for global market.
* EX) Main Banner at Main Page for both Korean and Global market will be 15,000 USD/Month
* Price Validity 2022.DEC.31
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