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Want the Instant feedback or answer from the supplier?

Most of the machine and parts suppliers in Korea are SMEs (Small meidum enterprise), 

unable to meet customer's satisfaction in communication. 

But we always understand that customers or users need to be answered for their questions as soon as possible.

In fact, phone call is the most easiest way to get the instant feedback. So we provide the Express Service to those users

who must have the answer as soon as possible from the Korean suppliers.


[Instant Feedback within 1 to 24 hours - UTC+09:00]

We send the instant feedback starting from 09:00 AM to next 09:00 AM (Work hours based) 


Types of Express Service

1. RFQ (Request for Quotation) 
* 100% refund against Purchase order of RFQ

2. Documents (Manual, drawing or catalog)

3. Repair or After Service issue

4. ETC (Contact details of the person in charge)


Price: 10 USD per inquiry (VIA PAYPAL)

* In case no proper feedback or pass the time limit then 100% refund

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