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    Since Yoochang Pneumatic Machine Company was established in June 1, 1970, we are located in the advanced position among domestic businesses as a company specializing in manufacture related to painting machine. We were approved through examination of design and performance by the Korea Occupational Safety & Healthy Agency. Also we are proud of the best quality by obtaining the ISO9001 certification in December, 1997.

    The Yoochang Screw Compressor was completed by special workmanship and concentrated techniques of employees of Yoochang. This screw compressor is sure to be the best product in Korea in design, efficiency, life span, and reliance since we had the technical partnership with Gardner-Denver Company of the U.S.., which is prestigious worldwide, in October, 1981, and also we introduced Key components for this compressor

    We will make your company satisfied by strong air power that is thrown up from the Yoochang Screw Compressor.

    Also, due to the technical partnership concluded with the Japanese ASAHI-SUNAC Co., LTD., which is a world-wide painting machine production company, in April, 1994, lower viscosity and atomization such as simple and compact structure, automation, manlessness, GUN, etc,, were enabled so that we could produce the painting machine whose best performance was proved, which can be applied to a wide range of painting.

    We will always do our best for R&D in order to meet requirements of users, and we will be Yoochang that improves along with customers.

    1, Janggogae-ro 126beon-gil, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea

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