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    Since our establishment in 1986, our company has produced high quality warpknitters, textile processing machines, and industry automation devices.

    We`ve procided these machines not only domestically, but also internationally (to more than 10 foreign countires) and become a recongized, reliable company.

    Also we`ve adopted an innovative management strategy to cope with the wave of the new century. Through continuous development of technology, and client-based considerate management, we are doing out best to satisfy our clients, fuly and deeply.

    On behalf of our crew. I`d like to extend our appreciation to all of our clients, for their support and encouragement towards our company. We plan to continuously innovate, and become a singular manufacturer of textile machines, warp knitters, and industry automation devices.

    109-29, Banyawolbuk-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea

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