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    It all flows from expertise.

    We manufacture and support high quality valves for the energy industries.

    We engage with you from the outset, offering expert advice to factor your valve requirements into plant design and shape a solution that secures maximum operational life.

    Our planning and design capabilities are underpinned by an unrivalled bank of valve data – built up over decades of research, development and front-line experience – that equips us to identify, then eliminate, potential issues. It’s a carefully-defined process that assures the integrity, strength and reliability of ourproducts, either bespoke or catalogue.

    Our long-term valve management strategies support in-line valve performance in the long term. And we use up-to-date data and our knowledge of ever-changing process conditions to ultimately explore ways to re-engineer your valve and extend its functioning life – saving you time and money.

    An authentically end-to-end relationship, with a partner you can rely on

    Sixty years of technical excellence in severe service valve manufacture

    Severn’s proud engineering heritage – our long track record of solving client problems – gives depth and substance to our modern-day operating principles: understanding the specifications, challenges and opportunities of clients – then applying our technical prowess to create best-in-class products for deployment in energy sectors around the world.

    #1606, A-dong 372 Hangang-daero Yongsan-gu, Seoul Korea

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