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    “Excellent Gas Solution”

    Since its foundation in 1995, SEHWA HIGHTECH has been growing into a highly trustworthy company by developing new technologies with creativity and a spirit of challenge, and conducting transparent management.

    “Excellent Gas Solution” is our founding philosophy, and as indicated in the philosophy, the company provides the most optimized solutions to satisfy our customers.

    The “Automatic Gas Mixer System” manufactured by the company is supplied to Samsung Electro-Mechanics, POSCO and the Korea Railroad Research Institute, and they are used in supplying mixed gases and conducting tests in various companies and research centers. In particular, products supplied to POSCO are advanced enough to rival those manufactured by world-renowned companies in Canada and Germany, so they are expected to continue to be supplied based on their strong price competitiveness and excellent functionality.

    Furthermore, the company is planning to explore overseas markets. It is supplying such excellent gas-related devices as regulators, MFCs, flow meters, differential pressure meters, flashback arrestors and gas mixers to the domestic market.

    IP Star Company A magnesium protection gas mixer that the company independently developed in early 2010 was recognized as a New Excellent Product by the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards and has been used as a next-generation weight-lightening part to be applied to a continuous production process of magnesium boards, which has eventually laid a cornerstone of development of a clean production process. In addition, the company was selected as an IP Star Developer in 2013, and since then, it has stepped up its efforts to develop world-class products.

    New renewable energy business: It is referred to as fuel cell analyzer business concentrated on analyzing capacity of fuel cells, the alternative energy sources for the future. The company established a technology transfer agreement with leading fuel cell analyzer companies in Japan to manufacture and supply fuel cell development capacity analyzers (fuel cell analyzers) required in developing fuel cell system. SEHWA HIGHTECH will play a major role in the new energy sector in the immediate future.

    IT Convergence Center: SEHWA HIGHTECH poses a serious new challenge in the global market. It will never fail to put its exciting new future before anything else. The company will endeavor to secure new technologies through enhanced R&D competence, improve technological competitiveness and strengthen productivity. It also operates the KOFLOC Service Center in Korea in order to specialize in repair, flow calibration and education on products with regard to MFCs by KOFLOC in Japan so that convenience can be improved on the part of domestic MFC users and efficient corporate operation can be realized. We would like to sincerely thank our customers for consistently supporting SEHWA HIGHTECH and will continue to provide quality products and services.

    We hope that your business will continue to prosper together with SEHWA HIGHTECH.

    397 Seokcheon-ro, Sinheung-dong, Ojeong-gu, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do

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