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    About Supplier

    Qmesys is test equipment company specialized in manufacturingand distributing international standard test equipments. 

    Our main products for standard or customized solution include film, rubber, plastic, urethane foam, polymer compound and more material testing.

    Qmesys testing equipments make difference among all other competitors.
    Also, our test equipments meet the highest standards for safety and work efficiency in test measurement since they are all designed for safety and process efficiency as the first priority.

    Qmesys testing equipments adopt high-precision indicator and microcontroller(MCU) system to ensure accuracy, consistency and reproducibility in measurement process. In addition, using computer software facilitates storing and managing any kind of test data along the way.

    Qmesys testing equipments ensure high quality and long lasting endurance by our innovative technology and long time experience in the industry

    Qmesys's Vision & Commitment
    Qmesys is committed to continuing innovative technology research and development in order to be positioned as the best partner in the future industry. We will keep improving ourselves for higher quality control, competitive price and customer satisfaction to become a world leader in the industry as we are strengthening global competitiveness.

    28, Sanbon-ro 77beon-gil, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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