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    Global Leader

    KMW Inc. delivers innovative and core RF technologies and products. As we constantly produce new technology and pursue perfection, we will continue to build a reputation as a global leading company that offers the best solution for the wireless infrastructure market.

    KMW Inc., as a global leading supplier to many of the major worldwide SI and communications service companies, designs, develops, and manufactures full range of RF & Air Interface Products from the component to the system level. These attributes, along with accumulated knowledge, expertise and a defiant spirit will keep us as the leader in the mobile telecommunications infrastructure market. 

    KMW Inc. has the competitive advantage with superior Mobile Telecommunications Technology, LED Photonic Technology, Network Technology and other future technologies to create and maximize a synergy effect. KMW’s entire staffs and employees strive to introduce new high technology and provide the best solution by putting the utmost efforts in each product. 

    183-6, Yeongcheon-ro, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea


    RF 제품

    MBF (Micro Bellows Filter)
    SRO (Small Radio Outdoor)
    eNB-O (e-Node B Outdoor) & SCO (Small Cell Outdoor)
    MMR 64T64R (Massive MIMO Radio 64T64R)
    Fronthaul (mm-wave Fronthaul)
    16port Panel Antenna
    16port Canister Antenna
    Black Hole Filter
    Filter Unit
    HPA (High Power Amplifier)
    AAS (Active Antenna System)
    RRH (Remote Radio Head)
    RRA (Remote Radio Antenna)
    Compact RU
    Air Interface
    RF Component
    DR : Dielectric Resonator