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    J&C Technology Co.,Ltd. Assessment as the foundation for the display to start Currently various types of light sources and optical characterization equipment and professional development Production and export earnings as a company with years of experience and expertise in the field activities based on the established companies

    No doubt about the fact that traditionally accepted systems are well defined but will have difficulty in keeping shoulders together with rapidly changing modern technology and its needs.

    We, J&C Tech, with its soul of establishment can provide optical solution to meet user requests and their needs even before they realize it. Nevertheless other lines of our products, our new development, Conoscope system, along with LED Opto-electrical property dependency on operation temperature and driving condition will open up whole new era on Flat Panel Display technology, LED light source and optical design industry.

    We are currently working on 3Dimensional beam distribution of LEDs mounted on LED BLU Board and TIR (Total Internal Reflectance) of optical components. 

    We, J&C Tech have applied patent for the new development on its way to protect intellectual property. We plan not to be satisfied with our current status but to seek ways to fulfill user requests to move towards actual total optical solution provider in global market.

    131, Wolgogoeji-gil, Nongso-myeon, Gimcheon-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea


    LED 조명 측정시스템

    Popular Luminous Flux Test System
    Luminous Flux Test System
    Beam Distribution Tester
    LED PKG Master Measurement System
    LED Master-120
    Luminous Intensity Distribution Test System
    CRI Simulator
    Thermal Analysis System

    광학특성 측정시스템

    Spectro - Haze Meter
    BRDF / BTDF Measurement Systecm
    RT 200S/300S
    Fiber Optic Spectrometer

    레이저 특성 평가시스템

    3D Laser Eye Safety Test System

    식물공장 시스템

    Spectral PPFD meter
    PPFD meter
    PWM Power Supply

    측정 서비스

    LED 조명 배광, 광속, 연색성 측정서비스
    LED 팩키지 측정서비스
    디스플레이 광학 특성 측정서비스
    광학 부품 특성평가 측정서비스