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  • HyungSung

    About Supplier

    Since its foundation in March 1993, HyungSung Industries Co., Ltd. has been continuously growing as we seek to fulfill our business philosophy of emphasizing quality and customer satisfaction.

    As we develop new magnetic materials based on our technological innovation and advancement, we will strive to introduce and provide products with top quality through technological collaborations with our partners overseas.

    Additionally, all of us here from employees to top management will strive to achieve our goal of becoming a great company that can bring time & cost savings for our customers and client companies through our ongoing R&D efforts in the areas of permanent magnetic material, magnetic application equipment and BLDC motor.

    With our sincere gratitude for your ongoing support, we will continuously strive to provide our customers with best services.

    360-1, Sihwa venture-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do

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