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    "Creating firm values that will become the basis and foundation of life although these are not visible."

    Hyundai Solite is seeking the path for pioneering of the future visions that can be continued onto the next generations by firmly establishing substantiality while other companies are focusing on external growth.

    We put utmost priority on sustainable values by considering the environment and the society simultaneously, while at the same time, pursuing enhancement of capabilities for advancement of new technologies without being content with the accomplishments we have achieved.

    In addition, we endeavor to become a company with the ability to create new values by learning new things and taking up new challenges with the attitude of learning from the past without being content only with the realistic applications of the products under a diverse range of environments.

    Hyundai Solite is equipped with youthful mind and broad views.
    All the staffs and executives of the company pledge to put our utmost efforts with the determination that growth as a specialized company with independent competitive superiority in each of the areas is the way to make contributions towards our customers, society and country.
    Chairman of Hyundai Solite Co., Ltd

    609, Bongeunsa-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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