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    About Supplier

    Design and manufacture of hydraulic components
    HYDRO LEDUC is a specialist in the design and manufacture of piston pumps, hydraulic motors, hydropneumatic accumulators, and customized hydraulic components.
    With over 180 patents filed and granted, HYDRO LEDUC continues to be a pioneer in many fields. Extensive experience in design, development, production and sales of hydromechanical components means HYDRO LEDUC is a company well recognized for its know-how. The quality of the products  is centered on user’s needs and on satisfying customer requirements. The combination of design choices, high quality materials and the entire production process well mastered ensure the reliability of all products.

    Innovative components for a wide range of applications
    HYDRO LEDUC designs, manufactures and distributes components for a wide range of applications : trucks, construction equipment, aeronautics, oil and gas, marine sector, agricultural machinery, etc. The technical challenges presented to HYDRO LEDUC in all these fields of activity have one thing in common: the search for a specialist able to take on the project. This inspires HYDRO LEDUC to develop the innovation necessary to perfect its know-how and constantly renew its pioneering spirit.

    Made in Azerailles !
    HYDRO LEDUC brings together the company’s activity and employees in Azerailles : design and production engineering, manufacturing, test laboratory, quality control, shipping, sales force, customer service etc. The in-house approach allows HYDRO LEDUC to master innovative components, a high level of reactivity and to control all stages of production.
    HYDRO LEDUC has enjoyed a steady growth in sales, especially for export markets.
    With four sales subsidiaries dedicated to the German, Swiss, Austrian, North American, Nordic and Benelux markets, one office in China, HYDRO LEDUC is also present in more than twenty countries around the world through its partners, to offer local contacts and service.


    Allée René Leduc – BP 9 54122 AZERAILLES FRANCE (Meurthe et Moselle)

    Product List

    Hydraulic Pumps

    Fixed Displacement Pumps XPi Series
    XPi 12, XPi 18, XPi 25, XPi 32, XPi 41, XPi 50, XPi 63, XPi 80, XPi 108, XPi 130
    Fixed Displacement Pumps XAi Series (SAE Version)
    XAi 18, XAi 25, XAi 32, XAi 41, XAi 50, XAi 63
    Fixed Displacement Pumps PA-PAC Series
    PA 24, PA 32, PA 40, PA 50, PA 100, PA 114, PAC 40, PAC 50, PAC 65, PAC 80, PA 2 x 50, PA 2 x 57, PA 2 x 75, PA 75-40, PAC 2 x 25, PAC 2 x 32, PAC 2 x 40
    Variable Displacement Pumps TXV Series
    TXV 40, TXV 60, TXV 75, TXV 92, TXV 120, TXV 130, TXV 150
    Variable Displacement Pumps TXVA Series (SAE Version)
    TXVA 75, TXVA 92
    Variable Displacement Pumps TXV 130 and 150 Indexable
    TXV 130, TXV 150
    Variable Displacement Pumps (TXV Pump with Constant Torque Control)
    TXV 40, TXV 60, TXV 75, TXV 92, TXV 120, TXV 130, TXV 150
    Mobile and Industrial Pumps TXVA Series (SAE Version)
    TXVA 75, TXVA 92
    Mobile and Industrial Pumps W-WA Series
    W12, W18, W25, W32, W41, W45, W50, W63, W80, W90, W108, W125, WA12, WA18, WA25, WA32, WA41, WA45, WA50, WA63, WA80, WA90, WA108 R, WA125, WA160, WA180
    GEP 7.3
    Inlet Fittings for Fixed Displacement Pumps
    By-pass Valve for Fixed Displacement Pumps
    Inlet Fittings for Variable Displacement Pumps
    Fluid Valve Circulation FCV for Variable Displacement Pump TXV
    Fitting LS Kit with Integrated Filter for Variable Displacement Pumps

    Hydraulic Motors

    Fixed Displacement Hydraulic Motors M Series (ISO Version)
    M 5_093840, M 12, M 18, M 25, M 28, M 32, M 41, M 45, M 50, M 63, M 80, M 90, M 108, M 108 R (2), M 125, M 160, M 180
    Fixed Displacement Hydraulic Motors MA Series (SAE Version)
    MA 10, MA 12, MA 18, MA 25, MA 32, MA 41, MA 45, MA 50, MA 63, MA 80, MA 90, MA 108R, MA 125, MA 160, MA 180, MA 250
    Fixed Displacement Hydraulic Motors MSI Series (Semi-integrated)
    MSI 28, MSI 32, MSI 41, MSI 50, MSI 63, MSI 80, MSI 90, MSI 108, MSI 108 R (2), MSI 125, MSI 160, MSI 180
    Fixed Displacement Hydraulic Motors MXP/MXA Series
    MXP 12, MXP 18, MXP 25, MXP 32, MXP 41, MXP 50, MXP 63, MXP 80, MXP 108, MXP 126, MXA 25, MXA 32, MXA 41, MXA 50, MXA 63
    Fixed Displacement Hydraulic Motors MT45 Series
    Variable Displacement Hydraulic Motors MV-MVA-MVSI Series
    MV 85, MV 115, MVSI 85, MVSI 115, MVA 85 (SAE version), MVA 115 (SAE version), MVSI 28
    2-Displacement Motor (Variable Displacement Hydraulic Motors)
    MSI2C45, MSIC249
    Drainless Motor (Specific Motors)

    Hydropneumatic Accumulators

    Welded Cylindrical Accumulators ACS(L) Series
    ACS 0.7, ACSL 0.7, ACS 1, ACSL 1, ACS 1.5, ACSL 1.5, ACS 2, ACSL 2, ACS 2.5, ACSL 2.5, ACS 4, ACSL 4
    Spherical Accumulators AS Series
    Bladder Accumulators ABVE Series
    ABVE 4, ABVE 10, ABVE 20, ABVE 32, ABVE 50
    Welded Piston Accumulators AP(L) Series

    Microhydraulic Components and Solutions

    Microhydraulic Solutions