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    Ever since 1992 when Hana Engineering was established, we have not compromised our dream to be a top-notch manufacturer of laser euipments in the world. We have pursued the goal step by step. It has been 30 years since I personally entered the world of laser and 20 years since the foundiung of Hana Engineering, and now I can proudly declare that we have reached the goal.

    We were a novice in the laser industry but have developed into a provider of in-line laser equipments for the state of the art production processes of the world's leading companies. It is our engineers that made it happen. Their endeavors for the last 30 years constitute the technical culture of Hana Engineering.

    Now we hope to respond to the needs of our customers in the way the value of each customer company appreciates. We will create and increase the value by working and pondering together with the customers.

    Our laser technologies are applied to automobile parts such as fuel injectors, ABS braking systems, airbags, clutches, transmissions, and damper pulleys. Electronic industry utilizes Hana's technology for manufacturing ceramics and display panels. Hana's traces can be also found in electric current transformers easily found near your homes.

    Working with our customers, Hana Engineering has made progress one technolgy at a time. In 1993, we began manufacturing laser wilding machines, which would have been impossible without absolute trust from the customers as we could not ut and show the welded parts. In 2002, we developed laser welding machines for defect free grid welding, which is the core of nuclear fuel technology. From 2007, we are producing laser surface treatment system, and they, with the world best productivity in in-line production process, are replacing front runners' machines in factories.

    Our technologies that we have deliverated, have developed and understand are being extensively utilized industrywide. Hana Engineering deals with laser, the "Man-made Light." I hop Hana's technology shines lights on all the individuals, families and societies all over the world so that everyone shares happiness in harmony.

    24-3, Simin-daero 109beon-gil, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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