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    About Supplier

    The last 28 years was the history of the experiences covered with lots of difficulties and crisis as well as the history of indomitable will and challenge spirit against impossible things. Based on the accumulated technical capability and knowhow, DKM became now a leading company in the field of motor. We believe that your trust and attention made these performances possible.

    Now DKM stands on the stage of world over the fence of Korea for new challenge once again. Our product with management philosophy to deliver the trust and value to the customers all over the world was acknowledged in overseas markets such as China, South-East Asia and Europe for its quality and service. DKM will accelerate to be a global leading company through continuous research and challenge.

    The power which moves the world, DKM is in its center. And we will keep in our mind that there are our customers in the center of DKM. Hereafter please keep your eyes on DKM who will solidify the status of the best partner in overall industry. We hope to get a continued support and cooperation from you.

    292, Yeomjeon-ro, Michuhol-gu, Incheon, Korea

    Product List

    AC 소형기어드모터 & 감속기

    Induction Motor
    Reversible Motor
    Brake Motor
    Clutch & Brake Motor
    2 Pole Motor
    Torque Motor
    Torque Controller TDS
    Torque Controller DSTC
    Speed Control Induction Motor
    Speed Control Reversible Motor
    Speed Control Brake Motor
    Speed Control Clutch & Brake Motor
    Speed Controller
    Speed Controller
    Speed Controller
    Speed Controller
    General type Gearbox
    Powerful type Gearbox
    High Powerful type Gearbox
    Ultra Powerful type Gearbox
    Worm Gearbox
    Worm Gearbox
    Inter-decimal Gearhead

    DC 소형기어드모터 & 감속기

    DC Small Geared Motor
    Speed Controller
    General type Gearbox
    Powerful type Gearbox
    High Powerful type Gearbox
    Worm Gearhead
    Inter-decimal Gearhead