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  • DKC

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    DKC has accumulated high technology for years and produced AC/DC solenoid, Small motor, and Air pneumatic Valve, which is basic element in production automation lines.

    It consists of three business parts: Air pneumatic Valve, AC/DC solenoid, and Small Size Motor.

    In order to become a general automation part production maker in this global period, it is investing much effort continuously in research and development area and trying its best to be a world-wide outstanding automation part production maker.

    DKC is making efforts so as to produce world-top goods with the accumulated high quality human resources.

    Above all, it comes into spotlight in the world by precise processing with up-to-date equipment, 100% water-proof case molded AC/DC solenoid and Metal=sealed air solenoid valve.

    Now, DKC is putting forth its strength to give reliance to the customers, giving PL Insurance.

    DKC promises that it will keep on rewarding the customers from their support with quality goods under the motto of the Highest Customer satisfaction.

    63, Jeongju-ro, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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