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    Bioptro is growing with the company motto of 'For world No.1 maker of Test & Measurment Equipment'.

    Informational Revolution and Globalization in 21st century caused many companies around the world to struggle in the turmoil. Informational Revolution is changing the trends of industries with the digital technologies in the fields of semiconductor, LCD, Internet of Things, Software etc., and faced the companies to confront with the competitors in the global market. In order to survive in the competitive market, the company should make much effort for the customers by providing in advance the satisfacory benefits such as the solution to the customer's needs, the higher quality assurance, and the lower production cost and so on.

    Bioptro, as the professional manufacturer of automated equipment for Factory Automation and Measurement, is leading specially R&D of electrical test equipment for PCV industry. To meet the increasing demand of measurement equipments in the fast-growing PCB industry, we are continuously developing the related technologies. Based on these efforts, we are getting the worldwide reputation for PCB test equipments.

     Through the remarkable growth since the company foundation in 2000, Bioptro is capable of responding flexibly in any circumstances of market. We are still endeavouring to satisfy the customer's needs with the accumulated expertises and insights into the market.

    We are sure that the dream comes true.

    We will do our best so as to continue the challenge in front. Your support will encourage us to accompish our goal of becoming 'World No.1 maker of Test & Measurment Equipment.'

    14, Tapsil-ro 58beon-gil, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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